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Your life of you body is like a currency. It's about circulation and passing through. You have to keep it alive. You have to maintain it to keep its value. You have a very good maintainer, your brain. It does big amount of work in controlling your inner organs. How long could you stay alive if you take the its job?


There are four stats (blood circulation, oxygen, water and nutrition). Your goal is to keep them above 0%.

Blood circulation is maintained by the heart. Press F key repeatedly to make the heart beating.

Level of oxygen is increased when inhaling by holding J key, when you release it, the lungs exhale.

When the water level decreases below 80%, the body will drink - the stomach fills with a water (but only if it’s empty). To absorb the water, use the stomach, by pressing K key.

The most complex process is to obtain nutrition. You have to wait for the body to eat (nutrition level is below 80%). By pressing the K key, the stomach will digest the food. Digestive process has multiple phases. First the stomach has to fill with gastric acid, next it must churn multiple times until the food is fully digested.


Nutrition from digested food is absorbed mainly by using small intestine (pressing D key). This will create some amount of waste material in large intestine.


Large instestine is controlled by S key to move the waste material throuh it and absort remaining nutrition (smalled amount then small intestine).

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